Jenny Grant

I am currently a second year student in the clinical psychology Ph.D. program at BGSU. My research interests are varied, but tend to focus on topics of addiction and religion/spirituality. Below, I have included information regarding my masters thesis project.

The Effect of Gambling on Religious and Spiritual Struggles

Religious and spiritual (r/s) struggles are known to be associated with various self-reported addictions, such as pornography and substance use (Grubbs, Exline, Pargament, Volk, & Lindberg, 2014; Faigin, Pargament, & Abu-Raiya, 2014). This study aims to understand how r/s struggles (Exline, Pargament, Grubbs, & Yali, 2014) are affected by the severity of an individual’s gambling problems. Using secondary data, we are planning to use hierarchical regression analyses to find out whether an increase in gambling problem severity predicts more r/s struggles (looking at each of the six struggles separately). In doing so, we will be controlling for characteristics which are known to be associated with higher r/s struggles.