Brinna Lee

Brinna’s research is primarily focused on the relationships between religion, spirituality, and moral incongruence within the context of sexuality. She is currently interested in the impact of sexual values on experiences of sexual congruence, and religious and spiritual struggles over time.

Lee, B. N. (2019, April). Sexual values and incongruence. In J. B. Grubbs (Chair), Sexuality, Spirituality, and the Sacred: Examining Diverse Themes. Symposium conducted at the Society for the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality – APA Division 36 Annual Mid-Year Conference, Bowling Green, OH.

Grubbs, J. B., Hoagland, K. C., Lee, B. N., Grant, J. T., Davison, P., Reid, R. C., & Kraus, S. W. (2020). Sexual addiction 25 years on: A systematic and methodological review of empirical literature and an agenda for future research. Clinical Psychology Review, 82, 101925.

Grubbs, J. B., Lee, B. N., Hoagland, K. C., Kraus, S. W., & Perry, S. L. (2020). Addiction or Transgression? Moral Incongruence and Self-Reported Problematic Pornography Use in a Nationally Representative Sample: Clinical Psychological Science.