Science of Personality, Addiction, and Religion Throughout Adulthood

The SPARTA lab (Science of Personality, Addiction, and Religion, Throughout Adulthood) at Bowling Green State University is comprised of myself, my current graduate students, and a number of undergraduate students. At this point in time, our research group has several lines of research in various stages of development. Current projects include studies of spirituality and Tantra, examininations of pathological gambling and religious and spiritual wellbeing, examinations of the process and effects of leaving a religious group, studies of sexuality and spiritual functioning, and studies of how self-perception influences one’s interpretation of their own behaviors. Current graduate student members of our lab include Brandon Gordon, Jenny Grant, Joel Engelman, Shanti James, Brinna Lee, and (as of Fall, 2019) Camille Hoagland.

We are hoping to add one additional graduate student lab member for the Fall of 2020. If you are interested in applying to work with us in the SPARTA Lab, information on applying to BGSU’s clinical psychology PhD program is available here:

Please note, the deadline for application is December 1st, 2019.

Selected Publications

Representative publications from myself and the SPARTA lab.

(2019). Internet Pornography Use and Sexual Motivation: A Systematic Review and Integration. Annals of the ICA.

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(2019). Pornography Problems Due to Moral Incongruence: An Integrative Model with a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Source Document

(2018). Moral disapproval and perceived addiction to internet pornography: A longitudinal examination. Addiction.

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(2018). Moral incongruence and pornography use: A critical review and integration. Journal of Sex Research.

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Current Projects

Funded research and funding applications in the SPARTA Lab

The SPARTA lab has a number of ongoing projects, many of which have been supported by external funding mechanisms. In addition, we have a number of new funding applications in preparation or under review. Below, you can see summaries of those projects.

Gambling and Traumatic Stress: Analyses in Veteran and Community Samples

2017: A one year seed grant funded by the National Center of Responsible Gaming. PI: Joshua B. Grubbs, Ph.D.

Moral Grandstanding

2017-2020: A multi-project research program funded by the Charles Koch Foundation, the National Institute for Civil Discourse, and Bowling Green State University. PI: Joshua B. Grubbs, Ph.D., Co-PI’s Brandon Warmke and Justin Tosi

Student Projects

The students in the SPARTA lab have a number of research projects going on involving sexuality, behavioral addictions (such as gambling or compulsive sexuality), religious and spiritual struggles, religious disaffiliation, and internet pornography use habits. Please click on any student below to learn more about their research and the research of the SPARTA lab.

Brandon Gordon

4th year clinical psychology PhD student.

Brinna Lee

2nd year clinical psychology PhD student.

Camille Hoagland

1st year clinical psychology PhD student.

Jenny Grant

3rd year clinical psychology PhD student.

Joel Engelman

3rd year clinical psychology PhD student.

Shanti James

2nd year clinical psychology PhD student.

Recent Posts

A collection of my writing for popular audiences

Over the years I have written a number of popular media summaries relevant to my research, my experiences as a clinical psychological scientist, and my experiences as a professor. Below, you can find links to these various posts.